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İzgi Fair Organisation Co. Ltd. was established in 2016 in order to organize fairs that are unique in our country and in the world, fairs which are leader in their subject matter and will leave a mark.

İzgi Fair Organisiton Co. Ltd., which has an expert staff structure that has been active in many fair organizations in the past years succeeded in winning a name for itself in the sector by organizing fairs in a short time.

Ege TMF – 1st Ege Textile, Ready-Made Clothing Machines, Textile Chemicals and Digital Textile Printing Technologies Fair, which İzgi Fair Organisation Co. Ltd organized in Denizli in 2017, opened its doors with 94 direct participants from 8 countries. In 2017 it accomplished to become the biggest organization in the sector. As a result of the questionnaire surveys conducted with participating firms and visitors, it was decided to organize the fair, which created a great trade environment for visitors and participating firms, every 2 years.

İzgi Fair Organisation started its fair organization activities with the slogan ”Impressing Fairs, Impressing Consequences” and decided to establish its 2.Largest Organization again in Denizli. It organized the DEYEG – Denizli 1. Real Estate and Building Industry Fair which will bring interior and exterior decoration products, building and construction materials and residential and office projects created with these products together in the same platform. The Fair organized with the motto ”The House You Dreamed, Everything You Seek For The House You Dreamed” served as a model for fairs held in many countries and cities today. The fair, which welcomed more than 20 thousand visitors, received a great appreciation. Due to intense request and demand it was decided to organize the fair every year.

The company started the preparations of new fairs in the coming years and decided to organize the EGE TMF – 2nd Ege Textile, Garment Industry Machines, Textile Chemicals and Digital Textile Printing Technologies Fair in 14-17 February 2019 and DEYEF- Denizli 2. Real Estate and Construction Industry Trade Fair in 14-17 March 2019.

İzgi Fair Organisation Co. Ltd. always attaches great importance to the promotion of the country and participating companies in the fair which it has organized. The company, which performs promotion works which are not present in many fairs, has won the appreciation of exhibitors and visitors of the fairs that it has organized.

Again, in the organizations he managed, the success of the local fairs, the presentation of the cities in which the fair is organized, the contribution to the economy and to its development has come to light.

İzgi Fair Organization Co. Ltd. will continue to put its signature under ‘’Impressing Fairs, Impressing Consequences’’ for developing, changing and growing to Turkey.